ABCs of Climate Change

350 ppmv is considered to be the maximum amount of CO2 in the atmosphere in order to avoid a 2 degree rise in global temperature.


A tmosphere, which is warming up, thanks to the greenhouse gas effect of burning fossil fuels (and other practices).

Water vapour and carbon dioxide in the troposphere trap some of this heat, preventing it from escaping thus keep the Earth warm. This trapping of heat is called the "greenhouse effect".

Layers of Earth's atmosphere
Layers of Earth's atmosphere Earth's atmosphere

Illustrations courtesy of NASA (click on an image to see it full size.)

A griculture, some aspects of which are potent causes of greenhouse gas emissions (see Methane).

A nthropocentrism, or Human-centredness, with consequent neglect of the needs of other species, ignorance of our dependence on them and our mutual interdependence.

A daptation, or measures to adapt to higher temperatures and other weather effects from climate change, as opposed to (or complementary to) Mitigation.

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