Open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper from Anglicans concerned about climate change

 August 29 2011

Dear Prime Minister
As Anglican Christians concerned about the climate crisis, we wish to bring to your attention the adoption by our national church, at its last General Synod, of a resolution on climate change (A180).
Its first part reads that the church “join with other faith communities and secular groups to press the Government of Canada to adopt a comprehensive climate action plan with firm targets for greenhouse gas emissions a central concern of social and ecological justice.” The resolution specifies the level recommended by environmental experts for the past U.N. Copenhagen Convention, at 25-40% for industrial countries, based on 1990 levels.
Other parts of the resolution specify action for the church itself, at its various levels of activity.
Anglican concern for this issue is deeply rooted in our engagement over many decades of advocating for social justice in Canada--on aboriginal issues, international development and peace and reconciliation.
We believe, as Christians, that we have a responsibility to act as faithful stewards of creation. With the psalmist we understand that “the earth is the Lord’s.” We are entitled to use its resources, responsibly, and that we are accountable to God for such use. This principle is an older version of what is termed “sustainable development” in the United Nation's report, Our Common Future, namely, “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to met their own needs” (U.N. World Commission on Environment and Development, p 43).
Yours sincerely
(signatures appended)