Canada Begins Long-Term Climate Planning in Marrakech

Climate Action Network (CAN-Rac) news release, November 18, 2016

The government of Canada released an initial draft of their long-term strategy to decarbonize by 2050 today. This plan outlines priority pathways including replacing fossil fuel energy with renewable energy, modernizing the electricity grid, facilitating the movement of electricity between provinces and states, and avoiding stranded assets.

In response, CAN-Rac Executive Director Catherine Abreu issued the following statement:

Two statements on the Trudeau government's plan to phase out coal power

Clean Energy Canada

Accelerating Transition to Clean Electricity Will Drive Clean Growth, Cut Pollution

November 21, 2016

OTTAWA — The Government of Canada announced today that it will accelerate investments in clean electricity by phasing out traditional coal-fired electricity by 2030, increasing the country’s supply of non-emitting electricity from 80 to 90 per cent over the same period.

Dan Woynillowicz, policy director at Clean Energy Canada, made the following statement in response to the announcement.

Islamic leaders launch climate change declaration

[original source: The Press Association, London]

Islamic leaders from countries around the world have launched a declaration urging governments to deliver strong international action to tackle climate change.

The climate change declaration calls on wealthy and oil producing countries to phase out fossil fuels by 2050, and urges a switch to 100% renewable energy and help for vulnerable communities already suffering from rising global temperatures.

International Leaders Form Historic Partnership to Fight Climate Change

The following two press releases, from the offices of Governor Jay Inslee of Washington and Governor Jerry Brown of California, each provide a comprehensive summary of this transnational nitiative by state and provincial leaders representing major industrial regions from 10 countries. [BC and Ontario are represented, but not Québec.]

1. Washington teams up with states and provinces worldwide committing to cut greenhouse gas emissions 80-95 percent

May 19, 2015 Summary

Letter to MPs re COP21

JustEarth has sent a letter to all MPs as follows:

We write with profound disappointment over the commitment made by the Government of Canada to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pursuant to the COP21 meeting in Paris in December.

We join the call made on Earth Day of many environmental and civil society organizations for: